Wednesday, July 28, 2010

20 Things Recently Noticed, Learned, Revealed

1. Back handsprings performed at age 37 do not feel the same as those performed at age 12.

2. A cool summer in L.A. is great at night, but on the weekend, I miss going to the beach.

3. I have extended periods of laziness.

4. I daydream.

5. I abhor fleas.

6. I can pull off multiple shades of pink.

7. It's more fun to talk about buying a unitard than actually buying one.

8. I probably should have been a psychologist. Maybe I can still find a way to earn a salary by quickly deconstructing the reasons why people do what they do.

9. I love good dance music.

10. Hands peel a lot when you aren't building up the callouses on them.

11. I am upset that Target gives money to organizations that support antigay candidates. Yet no one has showed me which major corporations/stores from which we buy things don't do the same thing.

12. At the same time the media is reporting the above, they are shoving details of Chelsea Clinton's wedding down our throats, despite the fact that gays still can't get married in 90% of this country.

13. I remain optimistic.

14. I believe I am supposed to keep learning.

15. I am destined to do something that helps others despite my tendency toward misanthropy.

16. I miss my childhood pets.

17. Gray hair isn't visually upsetting. It's the texture and unruliness of it that upsets me.

18. I want you to keep up with me.

19. I need to be less afraid of what might happen.

20. I know the release dates of movies that I have never seen.